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Where can I use my ICOM card in the Pakistan?

Where can I use my ICOM card in the Pakistan?

The ICOM card is just one of the many benefits you receive from your professional membership of ICOM.

Acceptance of the ICOM card is discretionary. If you plan to visit a specific museum or exhibition in the UK or abroad (especially popular museums and blockbuster exhibitions), we always recommend you contact the museum ahead of your visit to check if the ICOM card is accepted and if there is a booking procedure. This is especially important during the current COVID-19 pandemic and as museums in the UK and around the world begin to reopen and operate with different safety measures in place for visitors. Capacity will be limited for museum and exhibition entry for the foreseeable future. Click on the name of each museum or gallery below to visit their website.

We kindly ask members to take note of the arrangements for each individual institution and follow the requirements for booking tickets and presenting your ICOM card and photo ID when you visit. As reciprocal tickets are limited, we also ask that if you are not able to use the ticket you book, to make sure you cancel your ticket so it can be made available to someone else. Where at all possible, we would like to avoid no-shows for ICOM members booking reciprocal entry tickets.

This is a difficult time for museums so we ask for your patience and understanding if museums need to make temporary changes, or temporarily suspend, acceptance of the ICOM card. Museums are not taking such decisions lightly.

Please note this is not a complete or exhaustive list. We thank our members for helping us to create and maintain this list. Please contact us at if you become aware of any changes or additions to this list.

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